Oliver Queen Hopes Black Siren Finds Redemption In Arrow Season 6


There’s no doubt in my mind that the upcoming season of Arrow gives us a lot to look forward to. Not only will we see what may be the biggest DC TV crossover to date in the form of “Crisis on Earth-X,” but we also have Manu Bennett returning as Deathstroke on a recurring basis. And, last but not least, there’s the whole matter of Black Siren continuing to be a thorn in the side of our heroes.

As you may recall, Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 doppelganger made her way to Star City around the midway point in season 5, creating much confusion and playing heavily on the emotions of Oliver Queen. And even when the Green Arrow found out who she really was, he still held out hope that she could find redemption, something that’s actually been teased for season 6.

You can expect Oliver to remain ever the optimist moving forward, as series lead Stephen Amell had this to say about his character when recently speaking with TV Line:

“Oliver, ironically — and despite the fact that she allied herself with Adrian Chase — is the most hopeful one. He’s like, ‘If theres a bit of Laurel in there, I want to find it.’”

Still, we shouldn’t expect peaches and cream anytime soon, considering that Amell added Black Siren feels “nothing” for Earth-1 Laurel’s family and friends – even Oliver himself. So, as we wait for that to unfold, we can at least take solace in knowing that a Black Siren-Black Canary rematch will happen before long.

Arrow returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

Source: TV Line