Oliver Queen Stands Alone On New Arrow Season 8 Poster

Arrow season 8

Oliver Queen’s had quite the arc over the past seven years. Starting out as a lone vigilante, he came to form a team of close allies and eventually founded an entire shared universe. But it looks like his story is about to come full circle just as it ends for good, as this new poster for Arrow season 8 sees the Emerald Archer standing alone.

“Heroes fall, legends rise” reads the tagline at the bottom of the one-sheet, which captures the Green Arrow overlooking what appears to be Lian Yu at sunset. It all started on the island but is this a hint that it’ll all end there, too?

Coming in at just 10 episodes, season 8 will be something of a victory lap for the show as we’ve been told different installments will pay homage to past seasons. This includes getting back various guest stars one last time, even those who’ve been long dead on the series. This will be achieved as Oliver will be working for the Monitor, which presumably takes him to other worlds.

The first episode in particular looks to be a shocking flip of the script as not only are John Barrowman and Colin Donnell back as Malcolm and Tommy Merlyn, respectively, but the former Dark Archer appears to Oliver’s step-dad in this reality, with his dead best friend his adoptive brother. Susanna Thompson is also appearing in the episode as Moira Queen.

Team Arrow will still play important roles this season, though. Both Diggle and Black Canary have got new costumes this year, with the latter’s helping her complete her redemptive arc. Willa Holland is joining the cast once again as Thea Queen for a recurring role as well and look out for Roy Harper, too, as Colton Haynes has teased more from him on the show.

Arrow season 8 is now less than a month away from arriving on The CW, as it debuts on Tuesday, October 15th.