Original Wolverine actor now recording ‘X-Men ’97’


It’ll be some time, yet, before we get a full MCU X-Men movie, but that doesn’t mean Disney is ignoring Marvel’s mutants. In their first major use of the IP since the Fox merger, Disney Plus will see a surprise sequel to much-loved 90s show X-Men: The Animated Series: X-Men ‘97.

The cherry on top is that Marvel Studios has reunited the show’s original cast, a highlight of which will be Cal Dodd as Logan/Wolverine. Dodd’s gruff and dangerous sounding Logan defined the character for many fans, and he went on to voice the character in many 1990s video games – most notably Capcom’s ‘Vs’ fighting series.

Now he’s back popping the claws, as confirmed on Twitter:

Like most 90s voice actors, Dodd has appeared in a lot of familiar productions, including the Goosebumps animated show, Fraggle Rock, Rescue Heroes, Beyblade, Berenstain Bears, and Bob & Margaret. But it’s safe to say that Wolvie is by far his most iconic character, and I suspect he’ll knock it out of the park once again.

Details about X-Men ’97 have been slow to come by, though fans assume from the title it’s set in the 1990s and continues the dangling plot threads remaining from the fifth season of the show in 1994.

The show will also be notable as the first production from Marvel Studios that doesn’t take place in the MCU, perhaps hinting that the hit factory is preparing to expand its scope over the next few years. Then again, given the introduction of the multiverse, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the show being designated its own ‘world’ in the future.

More on X-Men ’97 as we hear it.