Oscar Isaac Admits He’d Never Heard Of Moon Knight Before Being Cast

Moon Knight

The advent of Disney Plus has given the Marvel Cinematic Universe the creative leeway to introduce characters that may not work quite so well as the subjects of a feature-length movie, and Moon Knight is a perfect example.

The longtime fan favorite is an incredibly complex antihero, and it would be hard to tell the story of how former boxer, Marine and CIA operative Marc Spector is left for dead, resurrected by an Egyptian deity and given superpowers in a couple of hours, without even mentioning the dissociative identity disorder that sees him adopt multiple distinct personalities.

Moon Knight isn’t a particularly well-known name among casual audiences, and that even extended to the actor playing the role in the upcoming streaming series, with Oscar Isaac admitting in an interview with Fandom that he hadn’t heard of him before signing on to the project.

“I collected comic books in the 90s but I had not heard of Moon Knight. It wasn’t on my radar at all, so when it came my way I didn’t have any baggage on it. I didn’t really know anything. I read the first episode, I spoke with Kevin Feige, I tested some stuff out on my kids and I just got really excited about the story and about the character and the potential there and I found there to be a lot of space to try some really out there stuff.”

Everyone will know about Moon Knight by this time next year, though, and it might just be the most hotly-anticipated MCU series on the slate. Isaac is one of the best actors in the business, and the Disney Plus exclusive isn’t going to shy away from the darker aspects of his many personalities, so we could be in store for something special whenever it arrives.