Oscar Isaac Compares Marc and Steven to Clark Kent and Superman
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Oscar Isaac compares Marc and Steven to Clark Kent and Superman

There's no prizes for guessing which one's which.

Steven and Marc in Moon Knight (1)
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will be suffering mixed emotions today, with the excitement over the sixth and final episode of Moon Knight premiering on Disney Plus being offset by the realization that this could be the last time we see Marc Spector and/or Steven Grant for a while.

While a recent alteration on a tweet instilled hope in the masses that a season 2 announcement would be forthcoming, Oscar Isaac has admitted that he didn’t sign a contract with Marvel beyond the end of his first run as the conflicted antihero. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, and we should have many more answers once everyone has had the chance to view the grand finale in its entirety.

The ongoing battle between Marc and Steven has done the impressive job of creating one of the MCU’s best-ever dynamics with a single actor making up both halves of the double act, with Isaac revealing to Collider that he internally compared the bickering duo to the difference between Clark Kent and Superman.

“Yeah, that’s an amazing moment, and the truth is really what makes Superman interesting is Clark Kent, you know? Superman without Clark Kent is just kind of all right, whatever. But it’s that dichotomy between the two things, which I think is what speaks to people so much.

So that’s why it was really fun finding this character of Steven and then being able to lean into maybe some of the more traditional ideas of what the vigilante dark brooding guy is because he’s got this little guy that lives inside him, this little Englishman. And so finding the way that he expresses himself, Steven, someone that is desperate for connection, but doesn’t have the skills to do it.”

It’s easy to make the comparison, and there’s no prizes for guessing which personality ticks what box, it’s just a shame that we’ll be bidding our temporary farewells to Isaac, Marc, Steven, Layla, Harrow, and the rest until Moon Knight does or doesn’t return.