Oscar Isaac may have let slip the MCU’s Midnight Sons lineup

moon knight

The MCU’s about to dive into the darker, more supernatural side of its universe in a big way — Mahershala Ali’s Blade had a vocal cameo at the end of Eternals and Moon Knight debuts on streaming next week. Not to mention the TV-MA Defenders Saga shows just landed on Disney Plus. If any fans are wondering if this is all building up to something, then, just know that you might be right as Oscar Isaac appeared to let slip that the Midnight Sons are on their way in a recent interview.

During a Spanish-language chat about Moon Knight with journalist David Taipe, Isaac was asked about where he wants his character to go from here. The Star Wars veteran namechecked the Midnight Sons, a popular group of mystically powered vigilantes from the comics, before listing some characters that Moon Knight could partner up with in the team — Punisher, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and Blade.

Isaac’s comments are interesting for a couple of reasons. As @DanielRPK pointed out, the actor had previously admitted to knowing nothing about Moon Knight before he was cast. He may just have done a deep-dive into the comics since shooting the show, but it’s just possible he’s now familiar with the Midnight Sons because it’s a property Marvel Studios is working on.

Likewise, the characters Isaac lists as being members of the team are intriguing as Punisher and Daredevil are not usually part of the roster. One fan suggested that the MCU’s version could be a blend of the Midnight Sons and the Marvel Knights, another union of edgy heroes which does feature Matt Murdock and Frank Castle.

All the pieces are certainly being placed on the board for the Midnight Sons — or some incarnation of them – to assemble on our screens, likely in a Disney Plus TV series. However, such a project has yet to be announced. But maybe the ball could get officially rolling on it following Moon Knight‘s arrival on Disney Plus this March 30.