Oscar Isaac says ‘Moon Knight’ is a ‘f*cking nutty’ character study

moon knight

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have come along and stolen plenty of the thunder by debuting a jaw-dropping trailer during the Super Bowl, but we can still safely call Moon Knight the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most hotly-anticipated small screen offering.

Everything we’ve seen and heard from the fan favorite antihero’s upcoming live-action debut makes it sound unlike anything the comic book juggernaut have ever attempted before, with Kevin Feige teasing that the series will mark a huge tonal shift compared to what MCU fans have grown accustomed to.

Oscar Isaac is regarded as one of the best actors of his generation for a reason, and during a recent interview with Empire, he teased the unique approach to the material and an opportunity to dive deep into the character he found too good to turn down.

Often on these big movies, it can feel like you’re building the plane on the runway. The idea of getting back to ‘handmade’ films, character studies… I was desperate for that feeling. [Moon Knight] felt ‘handmade.’ And it’s the first legitimate Marvel character-study since Iron Man. I thought, ’Maybe I can hijack this thing. Maybe this is the chance to do something really f*cking nutty on a major stage’.

What I love most about this thing is that it’s an exploration of a mind that doesn’t know itself. A human being that doesn’t know his own brain. I found that really moving: what the mind is capable of as far as survival. But the workload was massive: the technical challenge of embodying these different characters, physically, the way I manifest my body… It required a lot of energy.”

Every new MCU offering gets described as unique and one of a kind before hitting many of the same beats, but we’re really beginning to believe it with Moon Knight. The franchise’s standard formula has served it very well over the last fourteen years, but things are about to be shaken up in a spectacular way, and we can’t wait to see it.