Oscar Isaac says ‘Moon Knight’ is about “healing from trauma”

moon knight

The Moon Knight promotional train is now at full speed. Advance copies of the first four episodes have been sent out to select outlets, and there are a series of gala events taking place around the world to build hype for the newest Marvel Studios Disney Plus show.

We Got This Covered was at the London leg of the tour, which took place in the fitting surroundings of the British Museum’s Egyptian gallery. Professional quality cosplayers munched on nibbles next to statues of ancient gods, with stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy making an appearance to introduce the first two episodes to guests.

Isaac, who is also the Moon Knight executive producer, gave us his take on the character and story:

“I was not aware of Moon Knight, so I looked into it and I saw an opportunity to tell a story that’s both incredible… it’s a psychological thriller, it’s got heart and at the root of it is an exploration of a man’s battle with mental health issues and with D.I.D. (disassociative identity disorder) and ultimately it’s a story of integration and healing from trauma. All of that in the package of this Marvel superhero movie. It felt like an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

It’s interesting that Isaac’s slip of the tongue refers to Moon Knight as a movie rather than a TV show, as it’s arguably the most cinematic release yet from Marvel Studios on Disney Plus. There’s a tight focus on its lead, no sense that this is merely connective chapter between movies, and it simply looks better than what’s come before.

The social media embargo on the show lifted earlier this week, and the first impressions have been uniformly positive. Particular praise is given to Isaac’s ability to clearly delineate between Marc Spector’s personalities, and the believable vulnerability he gives to the Steven Grant persona as he realizes, with horror, what his life really is.

Moon Knight will air on Disney Plus on March 30.