Oscar Isaac says the MCU is moving out of New York

moon knight

One of the more startling aspects of the upcoming Moon Knight show is star Oscar Isaac’s British accent. Turns out this was a deliberate choice on the part of Isaac, as one of the show’s narrative devices is that his character embodies different personalities.

Turns out that this isn’t the only British aspect of the show. In a recent press conference for the movie, Isaac opened up about there being more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe across the pond.

“I don’t know… well, it was set in London and when I asked why, it was like, ‘We just have too many characters in New York…’ So, it seems like, let’s just change it up… I mean, I love English humor, like The Office and Stath Lets Flats… There’s just so much of that humor that I find so funny, and I thought, ‘There’s an opportunity here to maybe make something… what if we make him English?'”

This line of thinking opened up some possibilities for both the actor and also the director of the movie, Mohamed Diab. Isaac continued:

I was like, ‘What if Peter Sellers was approached for with a Marvel project? What would he do?’ So I started thinking about that, and that led me to Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad. And not so much for the accent, but just for his sense of humor where he doesn’t know that he’s being funny.”

Seeing how much work and effort went into bringing the character to the screen in just the right way, one would expect that the Moon Knight is here to stay. If it’s up to Diab, he would like to see the character for the next ten years. In a chat with SFX, he shared that people are bound to resonate with the storyline of the show, which would automatically cement the superhero’s status in the MCU.

Moon Knight premieres on Disney Plus on March 30.

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