Oscar Isaac surprises fans at ‘Moon Knight’ screening

moon knight
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel

Moon Knight premieres on Disney Plus at the end of the month and expectations are sky-high. Marvel Studios have stoked the hype fires by releasing the first four episodes to select outlets, including We Got This Covered. While the review embargo expires on March 29, we think it’s safe to say fans won’t be disappointed.

On top of that, there are a series of gala events taking place across the world to promote the show. Last night’s event was in Madrid’s Cine Capital where the first two episodes of ‘Caballero Luna’ were screened to guests. But those in attendance didn’t just get to see how Marc Spector’s MCU journey begins, they got to see the man himself — Oscar Isaac.

Marvel Studios chronicled the visit on Instagram:

The Moon Knight tour moves to London, England tonight, where the opening episodes will be screened in the opulent surroundings of the British Museum. This is a notable location as many scenes of the show were shot here, though in-universe Spector works at the fictional ‘National Art Gallery of London.’ Even so, the many relics from ancient Egypt should provide a fitting backdrop for this eccentric superhero tale.

We Got This Covered will be there in London tonight, so our fingers are firmly crossed that Oscar Isaac makes an appearance here too.

With the social media embargo now lifted, the first critical impressions of the show are here and are uniformly positive, with the common consensus that Moon Knight is unlike anything previously seen in the MCU. Marvel fans will also get to see the caped superhero soon, when the show premieres on March 30 on Disney Plus.