‘Outer Banks’ season 3 trailer teases turbulent waters for the Pogues


Warning: The following article contains spoilers for season two of Outer Banks.

The Pogues are back, baby.

Outer Banks, one of Netflix’s most addicting action-adventure dramas, is gearing up the next chapter of its sun-soaked saga and made a welcome appearance at Netflix’s Tudum expo today to share a sneak peek at season three. The fresh footage finds the Pogues living on an island they’ve dubbed Poguelandia, spearfishing, cliff diving, and ultimately back on the run from whom we can only assume are Ward Cameron, the police, and/or a new batch of treasure hunters seeking the Royal Merchant gold for themselves.

Also present in the teaser is John B’s father, who was revealed to be alive in the season two cliffhanger. While the season three teaser doesn’t offer much in the way of a firm plot synopsis, it does indicate that Big John will play a crucial role in the unfolding drama, which makes sense given that his discovery of the Royal Merchant treasure (and subsequent disappearance) kickstarted the series to begin with. Viewers will undoubtedly be waiting with bated breath for the moment when John B realizes that his father is alive, but as for when that moment will happen, Netflix has not yet revealed a release date for season three.

As for what other surprises season three might have in store, mum was the word from the series’ primary cast members, many of whom appeared for Tudum’s big day in celebration and praise of the show’s millions of fans. While they did not offer any new information about how the Pogues are going to make their way off of the island of Poguelandia, we recently sat down with Travis Garret Long ⏤ Chase Stokes’ body double and stand-in for season three ⏤ who gave us a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the next phase of the Pogues’ adventure.

With rumors that Outer Banks has wrapped production on season three, we can likely expect an official trailer and release date announcement soon. Until then, we can enjoy the first two seasons of Outer Banks to our hearts’ desire, both of which are available to stream on Netflix.