Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Reunite At Star Trek: Picard Premiere

Star Trek: Picard Premiere, London, United Kingdom - 15 Jan 2020

With Star Trek: Picard on the eve of its TV debut – well, 6 days away to be precise – its returning lead Patrick Stewart recently attended the show’s London premiere. These events are always magnets for the rich and famous, the stars and celebrities, the hot and the glamorous, and the talentless hangers-on who only turn up for the cocktails.

For those unfamiliar with the man in the grey fedora in the gallery down below (I mean, come on, you know who it is), Sir Pat Stew is in the embrace of fellow Knight of the Realm Sir Ian McKellen. And these photos serve as a timely reminder of my more or less unqualified love for the pair.

Perhaps my favourite chat show moment of all time was the hour that they and Hugh Jackman spent in the company of Graham Norton as part of the Logan publicity circuit. It was a wonderfully wholesome piece of TV. McKellen was keen to point out his absence from the film and indeed, the days of their X-Men adventures look to be long behind them now. Be thankful it happened, though, that’s the perspective to take.

Till the next time they reunite onscreen, settle down for one half of McStew’s latest exploits as Jean-Luc next Thursday on CBS All Access. Star Trek: Picard will consist of 10 episodes and run for 10 weeks. Just like a normal TV show – eat that, Netflix users.

And given that it comes to us from the writer of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Star Trek Into Darkness, there’s no reason to panic. Oh, and did I mention The Mummy, too? Seriously, though, the series looks pretty promising and with any luck, it’ll give Trekkies another exciting new show to dig into when it hits our screens next week.