Patrick Stewart Invites Whoopi Goldberg To Join Star Trek: Picard Season 2


We’ve waited months – nay, years – to see Patrick Stewart reprise the role of Jean-Luc Picard, and tomorrow, we’ll finally witness the moment when CBS’ Star Trek: Picard makes its grand debut.

Slated to arrive on January 23rd (or January 24th, if you happen to be located in the United Kingdom), the new series takes place a full 20 years after the events of Nemesis, at a time when Stewart’s title character is coming to terms with his grief. Turns out he blames no one but himself for the tragic loss of Data, his next in command, which ought to lay the foundations for some compelling character drama later this week.

But this being the world of TV, CBS has already gone ahead and locked down Stewart and Co. for a second season. And while promoting Picard on The View, the former X-Men star officially extended an invitation to Whoopi Goldberg to appear in season 2. Trekkies will no doubt remember that Goldberg played the role of Guinan during The Next Generation. Asked if she’d like to reprise her part, the TV extraordinaire replied with a resounding ‘yes!’.

See for yourself:

As you’ll see from the clip above, this invitation has come from not just Patrick Stewart himself, but the likes of Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman, who is clearly keen to honor the spirit of The Next Generation as CBS prepares to roll out a brand new chapter in the story of Jean-Luc. And it’s almost upon us.

Star Trek: Picard has been scheduled for launch via CBS All Access on January 23rd, while UK viewers can look forward to the Trek series arriving the very next day courtesy of Amazon Prime.

Source: The View