Watch: First Star Trek: Picard Clip Introduces A Retired Jean-Luc

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Star Trek: Picard finally kicks off next week, and ahead of the premiere’s airing this new clip from the pilot episode has surfaced online. TV Insider revealed the exclusive sneak peek which presumably comes from near the opening hour’s beginning, as it introduces an older Jean-Luc who has retired to his family’s vineyard in France.

The minute-long clip establishes the much quieter, adventure-free life of the former Starfleet officer, now in his advancing years. Not that he’s totally put his career behind him, mind you, as Picard’s got himself a trusty dog named “Number One” – the designation for his second-in-command, Riker, on the Enterprise-D.

There’s some sweet comedy between Picard and his pet as well, with Jean-Luc telling him off for not listening as he jokes that the dog can speak French. It’s unclear how Number One will factor into the plot once Picard hops back into a spaceship again, but we just hope that things don’t go in a John Wick direction, as he’s already won his way into the hearts of fans.

It isn’t just Jean-Luc and Number One at Chateau Picard, however, as he has two Romulan companions – named Laris and Zhaban – around, too. Remember, Picard’s relationship with the Romulan people will be a major driving force of this new series. After all, it’s known that he was instrumental in organizing a rescue mission for the species after the destruction of Romulus (as seen in the opening to 2009’s Star Trek movie).

This event, as well as a confluence of others, has caused the Star Trek galaxy to change a lot since the old days. Sir Patrick Stewart has teased just how different things are as well by saying that “the world of The Next Generation doesn’t exist anymore.” He’s also promised that Picard will reflect the troubled, divided times we live in, too.

Star Trek: Picard kicks off next Thursday, January 23rd on CBS All Access. And, after these 10 episodes have come and gone, we know that there’ll be at least one more season to follow next year.

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