Patty Spivot Is Coming To The Flash

Patty Spivot

Just last week, we learned that a Felicity Smoak-esque character named Wendy would be coming to The Flash next season and kickstart a romance with Barry Allen. Now, her true identity may have been revealed.

New auditions for the upcoming second season have shown up on Vimeo (though they’ve now been locked), and they show actresses trying out for the part of DC Comics character Patty Spivot, who will join The Flash as Detective Joe West’s new partner. He’s in the need for one, too, after Eddie Thawne sacrificed himself to wipe his future family member, Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, from existence, and Spivot is an interesting choice.


Previously described as “spunky, fun… and scientifically minded,” Spivot is a forensic blood analyst and Barry’s assistant in the comics. After working together, the two begin to date and eventually she finds out about his secret identity. She even becomes a hero in her own right, named Hot Pursuit. Whether or not we’ll see that on the show remains a mystery, but we’ve already heard that more speedsters will be arriving next season, so anything is possible (especially with multiple universes in play).

The Flash will return to the CW this fall.