‘Peacemaker’ BTS clip shows John Cena struggling with that ‘Star Wars’ joke

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There are some serious die-hard Star Wars enthusiasts in the world who take pride in knowing trivia that has gone over the heads of more casual fans, though you’d be lying if you said you didn’t Google a certain piece of information regarding the Wookies after watching the third episode of Peacemaker.

James Gunn’s new HBO Max series features a ton of outrageous jokes about many pop culture phenomena, from DC’s own ensemble of superheroes to real-life actors, comedians, and even politicians. To say that the script doesn’t hold back from controversial remarks would be a huge understatement. DC has obviously given Gunn the thumbs-up to go all-in for Peacemaker, though even they tried to get rid of a Batman joke that has caused a lot of debate on social media.

Another such example is the Wookie jab, which created a Google trend of Star Wars fans searching to see if Wookies indeed have teeth in their anus. That’s right, at some point during the third episode, John Cena’s Peacemaker claims that Wookies have teeth lining their rectum, and further reaffirms that by saying it’s “canon.”

If you’ve blissfully managed to evade this trend and not picture what a Wookie anus would look like, let me just save you the trouble of a search: It’s definitely not true.

Still, it seems that the joke managed to give quite a few chuckles to the crew and Cena himself, who, based on this new BTS video, struggled to get the dialogue out:

At this rate, no intellectual property in the entertainment industry is safe from Peacemaker, especially considering that we still have four episodes, or half a season, on the horizon.

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