‘Peacemaker’ just added a major Arrowverse hero to DCEU canon

Image via Warner Bros./Movie Stills

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Peacemaker season finale.

Peacemaker has done a surprising amount to fill out the ranks of superheroes who exist in the DCEU. Thanks to John Cena’s eponymous anti-hero name-dropping at least one comic book figure an episode, a range of characters, both obscure and famous, have been quietly added to the franchise’s canon, slowly bringing it more in line with the sprawling universe from the source material.

Today’s season one finale, titled “It’s Cow or Never”, has done it again by having Christopher Smith reveal that a prominent hero, most known to general audiences thanks to his portrayal in The CW’s Arrowverse TV shows, is part of the DCEU too. And, in typical Peacemaker form, Smith smears his image with one of his gross-out accusations about the hero’s private life.

Spoilers to be found after the jump.

In the finale, Team Peacemaker needs to destroy the Cow, the kaiju-sized beast the invading alien butterflies use as a food source, in order to save the day. The plan they come up with requires them to get Peacemaker’s sonic boom helmet into the lion’s den so they can take out the threat. When spitballing how to do that, Smith suggests shooting a fishing line over a tree and sliding the helmet down into the barn. “Like Green Arrow,” Vigilante responds.

“No, not like Green Arrow,” Peacemaker sneers, revealing he’s no fan of Oliver Queen. “That dude goes to brony conventions dressed as the back-half of Twilight Sparkles with a four-inch-wide butthole drilled into the costume.” While Vig believes Smith’s comment, Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) is skeptical, until John Economos (Steve Agee) admits he’s heard the same thing.

Though whether he’s secretly a brony has yet to be confirmed, we can now say that Green Arrow 100 percent exists in the DCEU. It’ll be interesting to see if this joke creates a plot hole when the Emerald Archer is eventually introduced for real — in Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s Black Canary movie, maybe? — as Oliver can’t be given an origin story now as he’s clearly already a well-known crime-fighter. Unless James Gunn knows something we don’t…

Peacemaker season one is now streaming in full on HBO Max.