Black Canary Movie Will Reportedly Introduce Green Arrow Into The DCEU

Green Arrow DCEU

Last week, we learned that Warner Bros. is finally developing a follow-up to Birds of Prey in the form of a spinoff film for Black Canary. Jurnee Smolett-Bell is reprising her role as Dinah Lance for the movie, which will release on HBO Max. She’ll also team up once again with Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green, who’s on hand to direct. No other details have been officially revealed as yet, but a new report claims that another major superhero is about to make his DCEU debut in the project.

Giant Freakin Robot is writing that their reliable sources tell them Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow will feature in Black Canary. The outlet shares that the studio’s plan is to introduce the Arrow in this film before giving him his own HBO Max movie later down the line, much like Black Canary grew out of Birds of Prey. GFR suggests that DC could simply press ahead with the Green Arrow project before Smolett-Bell’s film has even come out, so they’re clearly very keen to properly launch the Star City archer into the franchise.

Black Canary is the perfect place to introduce Oliver in the DCEU, considering that the two characters have been closely linked together for decades. Dinah and Oliver have had an on-again/off-again relationship in the comics since the 1970s, officially tying the knot in 2007. They’re also married in the Injustice universe. However, the two live-action Ollies so far—Smallville‘s Justin Hartley and Arrow‘s Stephen Amell—have both ended up with other characters. But maybe the DCEU versions have a better shot at making it work.

WB is currently busy generating various straight-to-streaming DC movies, including Static Shock, Batgirl, and Blue Beetle, so a Green Arrow flick would be a strong addition to that lineup—especially seeing as he’s no longer in the Arrowverse. Now the question is: Who could bring Queen to life in the Black Canary movie? Feel free to leave your choices in the comments.