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Peacock is loading up on ‘Chucky’ content ahead of season 2

He's baaaack.

Chucky TV Series Don Mancini
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During its run on Syfy and USA Network last year, Don Mancini’s Chucky TV series was a captivating horror experience that drew significant viewers each week. And with franchise veterans Brad and Fiona Dourif making their respective returns, it hardly came as a surprise when the blood-soaked series was renewed for a second season. Now, ahead of season two’s upcoming premiere, streaming service Peacock is loading up on plenty of killer-doll content.

Seeing as Peacock already has the first season of Chucky available to stream, the platform decided to kick it up a notch by now offering most of the films in the Child’s Play series to its subscribers. Starting on Oct. 1, six films in the horror franchise will be available to stream, as per ComicBook.com. Luckily, this gives fans at least a few days to binge-watch the horror content before the second season of Chucky drops.

Since season two’s long-awaited announcement, crew and cast members alike have been awarding franchise fans a handful of sneak peeks ahead of its official premiere. Amongst those first glimpses, star Jennifer Tilly has done well to excite viewers, who will once again be re-introduced to her Tiffany Valentine character.

As it stands, further information about the upcoming season’s premise has still been kept under wraps. Although, the inclusion of Glen/Glenda as Chucky and Tiffany’s child has already been confirmed to be a significant focal point in season two’s story. And while concrete details regarding Chucky’s future antics remain a mystery, fans can expect a more aggressive, gruesome second season than the first.

Chucky premieres simultaneously on Syfy and USA Network on Oct. 5.

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