‘Peaky Blinders’ final season premiere date revealed

Image via BBC One / Peaky Blinders

The threat of another World War looms on the horizon and Fascism is taking over England, but not if Birmingham’s honorable band of cutthroats in Peaky Blinders have anything to say about it. The BBC has announced that the final season of their eponymous gangster thriller will make its Feb. 27 premiere at 4 pm EST on BBC One.

The network announced the release date by unveiling a 42-foot mural in Birmingham that depicts the show’s main character, Tommy Shelby, in all his brooding glory. You can check out the paint job below, courtesy of Deadline.

After his shameful defeat at the hands of Oswald Mosley, Cillian Murphy’s Tommy returns for a final season that will apparently determine whether the gangster with a heart of gold can find redemption. Other returning characters include Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne, and Ned Dennehy as Charlie Strong.

Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite aunt Polly Gray won’t be making a return for the final season, as Helen McCrory, the British actress who portrayer her for five seasons, sadly passed away in April 2021 due to breast cancer.

Murphy promises season six will be “dark as f––k,” though showrunner Steven Knight has assured fans by saying that this 6-episode outing won’t be the last of what we see from the Shelbys, since a sequel film is already in the works and pushes the story well into World War II territory.