Bill Will Meet The First Doctor In Doctor Who Christmas Special


After flying off with her space puddle girlfriend to see the universe (just roll with it) at the end of season 10, it looked like we’d seen the last of the Doctor’s latest companion, Bill Potts. It was a welcome surprise, then, when the Christmas special trailer announced that Pearl Mackie would be returning one last time for Peter Capaldi’s final hour on Doctor Who

However, it was still shrouded in mystery exactly what Bill’s role in the special would be. Was she due to make a quick cameo? Or would she stick around for the whole episode? Evidence is now mounting that suggests the latter, as new comments from Mackie confirm that her character will interact with the special’s big guest star – Harry Potter‘s David Bradley, who’ll be stepping into William Hartnell’s shoes to portray the First Doctor.

Mackie was chatting to Radio Times when she confirmed the news, praising Bradley and in particular, his “uncanny” recreation of Hartnell’s original performance.

“Yes, I did get to work with him, which was very exciting. It was amazing working with David, he’s wonderful… He’s such a brilliant actor and a lovely man. He’s great in it and very, very like the first Doctor, which is incredible. It’s uncanny.”

We recently found out that the special would make the most of the inclusion of the First Doctor and painstakingly recreate scenes from his final adventure, 1966’s “The Tenth Planet.” This was previously teased in the trailer, which opened with a Rogue One-like CGI rendering of William Hartnell.

Pearl Mackie isn’t the only companion who’ll return at Christmas, of course. It’s also been confirmed that Jenna Coleman will appear as Clara Oswald for the first time since her exit in 2015. As the Twelfth Doctor’s longest-running companion, it’s fitting that she’ll be there to see him off, before Capaldi hands the keys to the TARDIS to Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth incarnation.

Doctor Who returns at Christmas and for a taste of what’s to come, check out the trailer below.