People Are Loving Netflix’s New League Of Legends Show


Over the weekend Riot Games along with Netflix launched their first animated series set in the world of League of Legends and with its massive day one audience, the series has received stellar reviews.

With just three episodes released to date, Arcane is currently sitting at a 100 percent Tomatometer and 98 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

While few critics have scored the show so far for themselves, of the eight that have all given the series a perfect rating. Almost 100 Rotten Tomatoes users shared their thoughts on the series and it still is just shy of perfect being held down by a single half-star review.

Aracne following two League of Legends champions, Vi and Jinx. The show explores their upbringing in the underground of Zaun oppressed by those in Pilotver above. During its run so far there has been plenty of familiar League of Legends faces popping up for small or major roles, and this professional League of Legends player loved it.

Audiences aren’t just praising the story and its familiar characters, but also the animation style which has received high praise like “Stunning”, “the most brilliant animation we’ve seen on Netflix”, and much more.

Whether you’re familiar with League of Legends or not you’ll want to check out Arcane and you can do so right now on Netflix. Currently, there are three episodes to binge through but each week a new episode in the season will be added.