People Are Recreating Squid Game On Grand Theft Auto 5 Servers

Netflix’s Squid Game is proving so popular, it’s now made its way into the world of Grand Theft Auto. As Kotaku reports, some of the Grand Theft Auto V role-playing servers are now being inundated with the grim children’s games in the streets of Los Santos.

In one version of the recreation of Red Light Green Light from the show, a group of players have to cross a field while another gives the orders over a speaker. A third group of players shoots at anyone who messes up. The terrifying robot doll, glass stepping hop-scotch game, and the contestants’ labyrinthian bunks are also recreated. In addition, the signature green jumpsuits of the contestants and the red hoodies and unique masks of the soldiers are also recreated. And even puppeteer The Frontman makes an appearance. You can check out highlights of the recreations from YouTuber Vadact’s video below:

If you’re not familiar, Squid Game is a global phenomenon that is on track to become Netflix’s biggest show of all time. It centers around financially destitute people who get recruited by a shadowy organization to participant in a winner-take-all contest. The lone competitor to win out of 456 takes home a life-changing sum, but those who lose in a series of children’s games also lose their life.

It’ll be interesting to see how Squid Game unfolds in the future in terms of cultural impact and intellectual properties and whether that will entail officially licensed videogames, for instance. While Netflix has yet to confirm a second season has been greenlit, it seems all but certain given such a success the show has been, with its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk already saying in interviews his plans for the follow-up.