Squid Game Season 2 Will Reportedly Come Sooner Than Planned

Squid Game is the Netflix phenomenon on track to become one of its biggest shows of all time, both domestically and abroad. And now fans of the fictional story of a cutthroat contest between cash-strapped competitors may be delighted to know that season two is probably on a faster track to development than previously thought, according to EpicStream.

A recent interview with Squid Game’s writer/director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, indicated that he initially wasn’t immediately interested in returning as showrunner to the South Korean series. But now that the show has proven to resonate so strongly with viewers all over the world, he apparently would like the follow up season to focus on “the issue with police officers,” should Netflix officially give the greenlight to continue the saga.

Squid Game is a new take on the subgenre of macabre winner-take-all competitions, previously popularized by films such as Battle Royale and The Hunger Games series. The plot centers around people being recruited by a mysterious organization for a chance to win a life-changing cash prize for its financially destitute contestants. The 456 individuals must complete a series of schoolyard games, but the catch is that if you lose, you die.

Spoilers for Squid Game Season 1 follow ahead

Season two will reportedly focus on the character of the Frontman, a mysterious higher-up of the sinister organization that ensures the games continue how they are intended with a strict adherence to its rules. In the show, the Frontman’s brother, who is a police officer, sneaks in to the facility to try and coordinate a rescue operation. However, the police officer is unaware his brother is actually facilitating the proceedings.

It will be interesting to see what direction Netflix’s Squid Game will take after bringing a first season that so deftly provides a nuanced commentary on the conditions that contribute to one’s socioeconomic status. Fans can only hope Netflix follows through on a second season.