Peter Capaldi Wants A Game Of Thrones And Doctor Who Crossover


Game of Thrones and Doctor Who are two television juggernauts with a few things in common. For one, they’re both tremendously successful, with massive fanbases that are amongst the most dedicated out there. Aside from that, they also both deal with fantasy themes (though the latter is certainly more sci-fi) and each show has also spent a long time on the air. But despite all of this, a crossover between the two isn’t something one would normally think about.

Peter Capaldi isn’t just anyone, though, and during a recent convention appearance this past weekend, the actor was asked which show he’d like to see Doctor Who have a crossover with. While his co-star, Pearl Mackie, put forth Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Capaldi chose HBO’s hit series.

“Well I’d like to see Game of Thrones,” he said. “I think the Doctor would be like ‘White Walkers? What White Walkers? Where are they, these White Walkers? Point me at the White Walkers.’”

Though both shows are now on hiatus, Doctor Who will return in December with “Twice Upon a Time,” the much-anticipated Christmas Special of 2017. Shortly thereafter, incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall will take up the reins for season 11, which places Jodie Whittaker front and center as the renown Time Lord. Expect that one to kick off late next year.

As for Game of Thrones, it just wrapped its seventh season and has now been placed on ice in anticipation of its eighth and final outing. Filming isn’t due to commence until October, which means HBO will likely reserve the vast majority of 2018 for its other star-studded flagship, Westworld. As a result, don’t expect to make a return to Westeros until 2019.

While we wait to see what else these two beloved series have in store for us, tell us, what would you like to see from a crossover between the shows? Let us know in the usual place!

Source: Radio Times