Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Reassures Fans About His Regeneration


Doctor Who fans everywhere are still blubbing from Peter Capaldi’s regeneration in the recent Christmas special that aired a few days back. For those inconsolable over the Twelfth Doctor’s loss, though, the man himself has written a message that will surely warm your heart (or hearts plural, if you happen to be a Time Lord).

Father Brian McGilloway took to Twitter to share a one-of-a-kind Christmas present that his nine-year-old son David received this year. In response to a letter the young Whovian wrote to Capaldi, the actor penned a touching message back, assuring David that, though he’s leaving Doctor Who, his replacement would soon become the child’s new favourite. Besides, the Twelfth Doctor is still out there somewhere in time and space.

Here’s a particularly tear-jerking paragraph from the letter, while the full thing can be found at the link below.

“The new Doctor always becomes your favourite and the one that goes… Well, he never really goes, he is always there, somewhere in time and space, and if you think about him hard enough you’ll see him, and he’ll see you. It’s like the Doctor says, everything ends and it’s always sad. But everything begins again, and that’s always happy. Be happy.

Anyone else need a moment?

This letter serves as an emotional reminder of just how perfect a choice Peter Capaldi was to play the Doctor – actually, scratch that, he just is the Doctor. We’re also sure this fan is far from the only one who’s still mourning the loss.

All that said, it’s an exciting time for Doctor Who, as Jodie Whittaker has now debuted as Number 13. Though we’ve only seen her say one brief line so far, she was instantly a “brilliant” fit for the role and early evidence suggests the actress is going to be just as considerate to fans as her predecessor was.

Tell us, will you miss Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who? Or are you over the moon to see Jodie Whittaker steer the TARDIS? Have your say in the comments section down below.