Petition For Disney To Rehire Gina Carano Passes 75K Signatures

Gina Carano

A campaign to have Gina Carano rehired by Disney following her much-publicized firing has started to gain a huge amount of traction.

For those not aware, the actress was fired from her role as Cara Dune in hit show The Mandalorian last month for what many considered to be racist, anti-Semitic remarks. While the post in question has long since been removed, the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was a particular social media post shared by Carano that appeared to liken the treatment of Republicans by Liberals to that of the prejudice and hatred fostered for the Jews by Nazi Germany. Defending her first amendment rights in a recent interview, she told Ben Shapiro that her comments had been misinterpreted and their meaning warped by so-called cancel culture.

Right or wrong, that isn’t for fans to say according to user Logan Norfleet, who’s set up a petition calling on Lucasfilm and the House of Mouse to renege on their decision to sack Carano.

As of writing, more than 76,000 people have already loaned their signature to the digital document, with the primary message being that celebrities or any public-facing individual shouldn’t have to worry about job security based on their political views and beliefs. “I can see why people may have been offended, but her Tweet was not made to incite violence or to express discrimination,” reads Norfleet’s statement.

Are you in agreement with the idea that Gina Carano has been the victim of sensationalist social media, though, or were her employer’s actions justified? Let us know what you think in the usual place down below!

As for The Mandalorian, season 3 is scheduled to arrive early next year following spinoff The Book of Boba Fett. Just don’t expect to see Cara Dune back on the show.