No Plans For A Heroes For Hire Show Yet, Says Finn Jones


Next month, The Defenders will finally arrive on Netflix. It’s been a long road to the miniseries, one that started back in 2015 with the first season of Daredevil. Since then, we’ve also had solo outings for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and though some were better than others, it’s fair to say that the excitement for their team up is palpable. Especially because we’ll finally get to see the latter two heroes join forces.

As you probably know, in the source material, Luke Cage and Iron Fist come together to form a separate team known as the Heroes for Hire, and it sounds like this is something former Game of Thrones alum, Finn Jones, would be interested in seeing happen at some point.

Chatting with Screen Geek this weekend at the London Film and Comic Con, the actor said that he’s into the idea, but unfortunately, there haven’t been any talks about it happening just yet.

“First, I would love to see Heroes For Hire. There’s not been any talks about that so far – but working with Mike is brilliant. He’s a great actor and a great human being. We just have a really good natural chemistry together both as actors – but also as the characters as well. One of the greatest things about The Defenders and the way that Marco Ramirez wrote it was [that] he really wrote great scenes for me and Mike. I think people are going to be really pleased when they see them because there’s this awesome Heroes for Hire sort of connection.”

Given the lukewarm reception to Iron Fist, we don’t see Marvel rushing out to make a Heroes for Hire series anytime soon, which is unfortunate. Though Danny Rand’s solo show landed with a bit of a dud, teaming him up with Luke Cage could make for a really exciting project, one that would surely please fans. Even those who weren’t into the first season of Iron Fist.

Still, for now, it looks like the closest we’ll get is The Defenders, which as Jones says, will give him and Colter some “great scenes.” Perhaps those will be enough to get the studio thinking about a Heroes for Hire show? Time will tell, but we’re certainly looking forward to seeing these two share the screen next month.

Source: Screen Geek

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