‘Point Break’ writer says he’s working on a TV series about Johnny Utah’s daughter

point break

Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break is one of the best action movies of the 1990s, ratcheting the career of Keanu Reeves up by several notches following his breakout turn in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventur, sending him down the path to action hero stardom that now sees him comfortably ranked as one of the all-time great runners and gunners.

The bromance between Reeves’ Johnny Utah and Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi has been analyzed and interpreted a thousand different ways over the last 30 years, while many plot, character and dialogue elements instantly infiltrated popular culture, where they’ve remained ever since.

We got a remake in 2015, which was terrible, but Point Break might not be done quite yet. During an appearance on the Script Apart podcast, co-writer W. Peter Iliff reveals he’s been working on a sequel series that revolves around the daughter of Utah, who evidently made the most of being young, dumb and full of…. you know.

“Johnny Utah has been missing. His body’s not been found. He’s [been reported] dead for years. There’s a mystery around where he is, and you’re going to find out – he’s not dead. There’s a bigger story that evolves around that, while she gets involved in this eco-terrorist movement, which of course is now a big thing. There are two sides to the movement. There are those who are trying to get corporations to do the right thing to save our planet. And there are those who’ll put a gun in their hand and maybe rob a bank to fund their more violent approach. The FBI is after these people. She’s sent to go deep undercover with this group and it’s the same: which side of the badge are you on?”

point break

Nostalgia has successfully been weaponized and mass marketed by Hollywood, but even then, it’s hard to imagine there’d be much of an audience for a Point Break TV show that’s only loosely connected to the original, especially when it’d be very unlikely that Reeves would end up becoming part of the project.