The Ponds Are Back Together In New Doctor Who Reunion Photo

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They’re one of the most beloved couples in Doctor Who history but we haven’t seen the Ponds together on the series since way back in 2012. Thanks to this new photo, though, Amy and Rory have reunited! And we have former showrunner Steven Moffat to thank for it.

Moffat recently shared this heartwarming snap on his Instagram account which sees the writer serving as the filling in a Pond sandwich – on his right is Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond, and on his left is Arthur Darvill, who played her husband Rory Williams. The photo was taken in the green room in The National Theatre in London, where Darvill’s starring in a play called The Antipodes, so it seems like his two old Doctor Who colleagues came to watch him perform.

See for yourself below:

Of course, Gillan recently reunited with Moffat this past summer. When visiting his home, she couldn’t resist sharing a photo of herself with the Weeping Angel in his backyard on social media. As funny as the pic was, it gave fans flashbacks to the traumatic episode that wrote out Amy and Rory, “The Angels Take Manhattan,” in which the stone creatures ensured the Ponds and the Time Lord were separated across time forever.

This reunion snap’s especially nice to see as, since leaving Who, Gillan and Darvill have committed to opposing superhero universes. Obviously, Gillan stars as Nebula in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies, while Darvill played Rip Hunter across many seasons of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, their Doctor, Matt Smith, has signed up to feature as the villain of Sony’s Morbius, a role he undertook after consulting Gillan for advice.

As for contemporary Doctor Whoseason 12 is just wrapping up production and is due back on the BBC in early 2020.