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Popular Batman Villain Rumored To Appear In Peacemaker HBO Max Series

When Peacemaker gets his own series on HBO Max, this well-known and popular Batman villain could be joining the ranks.


Fans of The Suicide Squad were recently let in on a little secret via the film’s post-credit scenes. If you’ve yet to watch the movie, you may not yet know that a particular character is getting their own spinoff. John Cena’s Peacemaker survived the suicide mission in James Gunn’s film and is getting to tell his own story next. The series will premiere on HBO Max with a 2022 release.

Of course, not much else is known about the upcoming show right now, but DC fans were given a new exciting bit of news about it today. As reported by Movie Scope, a familiar villain will supposedly be joining Peacemaker on HBO Max. The site states that none other than masked bad guy, Bane, one of Batman’s most fearsome foes, will make an appearance in the spinoff.

Bane isn’t just dangerous for his size, but incredibly intelligent, too. The villain is multifaceted and poses a significant problem for those who dare to stand up against him. Fans of the villain will no doubt be excited to see how his character will react to Peacemaker and what kind of trouble the two will undoubtedly find. Assuming the rumor is true.

Bane has been portrayed by Robert Swenson and Tom Hardy in previous live-action media. It’s currently unknown who is lined up to take on the role for the HBO Max series.

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