New Poster Lands For Mad Men’s Final Season



AMC are prepping fans of Matthew Weiner’s stellar drama, Mad Men, before its final run of episodes arrive in April. Last week, we saw the arrival of a cheeky teaser trailer featuring an era-perfect soundtrack and segmented video shots of the cast. Remaining in their period grab for a series of stills, we were then granted an even better look at the shifting fashion trends – gotta love the flares! – as the show’s timeline is expected to move into the seventies. Now, we’ve a first glimpse at the final teaser poster for the show (via Vulture), and it’s as cool as one could expect.

Featuring a slick-haired Don Draper behind the wheel of his car, arm casually flung over the side, fingers clutching a burning cigarette, it’s the type of effortlessly suave imagery that the show has based its reputation on. Along with the poster, Vulture spoke with the show creator, who pointed out one key fact about it… it’s crammed full of easter eggs.

“It’s designed to tell you that Don is going somewhere,” Weiner said of the poster’s content. “He could be going to work, he could be going away from work. But there is a feeling of, I hope, a little bit of a desperate drive. We see him in his car, and we see that he’s alone, and I think you just have to basically feel that there’s going to be a sense of motion.” By the way, Don is driving his familiar Cadillac Coup de Ville, Weiner confirms. “That’s Don’s car — the late model Cadillac with the silver and red interior … he was driving at the end of season six.”

Co-starring January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Aaron Staton, Rich Sommer, Christopher Stanley, Jessica Paré, Jay R. Ferguson, Kevin Rahm, Kiernan Shipka and Mason Vale Cotton, Mad Men returns to AMC on April 5th.


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