Power Rangers: Dino Fury Introduces Queer Ranger To The Series

The Power Rangers series have certainly had queer coded characters and even queer actors over the years — the most notable being Trini Kwan, the yellow ranger in the Power Rangers movie from 2017. Now it looks like a new lesbian (or possibly bisexual or pansexual) ranger will have their romance explored in the latest series.

While Power Rangers: Dino Fury isn’t set to air in the United States until later this month, it is appearing in other countries like France where many fans have spotted the green ranger in the series, Izzy Garcia, holding hands with another girl. Fans who are worried about this simply being queer-bating will be pleasantly surprised. Executive producer Simon Bennet has been retweeting posts with rainbow flags praising the episode and even went so far as to say, “I assure you, it was no marketing ploy. And yes, well overdue.”

“Very happy with the reaction to Power Rangers #dinofury episode 13, which has just aired in France. Really looking forward to when it is available in the US, and I can jump into discussions.”

Simon Bennet on Twitter

It should be exciting to see the reaction from queer fans once they can see the show in their native languages all over the world. New episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Fury will appear in the United States later this month.