Preacher Episode 3 Promo And Clip

New Preacher Images Prepare Jesse Custer to Fight the Law

AMC has released the promo for this coming Sunday’s third episode of Preacher, along with an intriguing sneak peek featuring Tulip (Ruth Negga) meeting with a mysterious friend.

The closing scene of episode 2 saw Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) begin to realize what he’s capable of after being possessed by that strange entity (comic fans will know it as Genesis) and attempting to perform a miracle. The new promo suggests that he’s going to continue to test his powers, only this time on poor ol’ Cassidy. Plus, it looks like that pair of “shifty gobshites” that Cass dismembered in the church are… well, not lying in pieces in a box under the ground.

The sneak peek focuses on Tulip as she meets her contact to exchange the map she has in her possession for some very important information. It sounds like this info is actually the location of someone Miss O’Hare is trying to track down, but that’s all we get to discover before the clip cuts out.

Tell us, are you enjoying Preacher so far? If you’re a fan of Garth Ennis’ comic, do the major changes to the story bother you at all? Drop a comment below with your thoughts!