Preacher SDCC Trailer Sees The Not-So-Holy Trinity Take To The Road


The San Diego Comic-Con Preacher panel has just finished up, and those in attendance were treated to a raucous live-reading of this Sunday’s new episode, as well as an exciting trailer for the season finale that’s sure to make fans of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic series very happy indeed.

The show has been criticized by many for only loosely adapting the source material, and actually serving more as a prelude to the story that kicks off in the first issue – but from the looks of things, that’s going to be remedied by season’s end. The trailer finally shows Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip put aside their numerous differences and team-up to find God and offer him their help. Oh, and if their help isn’t wanted or appreciated, that deity has an ass-whooping coming.

In addition, we get to see the increasingly unstable Odin Quincannon ordering Donnie and another one of his men to fight, Eugene seemingly safe and sound after his little trip to the underworld, and finally the character fans have been waiting to see in action since he was introduced via flashback in episode 2: The Saint of Killers.

Be sure to tune in for the penultimate season 1 episode of Preacher this Sunday, as it’s bound to be an eventful one.