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Predictions For The Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Return

With The Vampire Diaries mid-season return only weeks away, and major plot points hanging in the balance, I thought I'd make some predictions of my own for what may be to come as the plot thickens and writers wrap up another epic season. The great thing about this show is that none of the characters are safe and so much happens every episode that the characters are constantly evolving and events keep you on your toes.

With The Vampire Diaries mid-season return only weeks away, and major plot points hanging in the balance, I thought I’d make some predictions of my own for what may be to come as the plot thickens and writers wrap up another epic season. The great thing about this show is that none of the characters are safe and so much happens every episode that the characters are constantly evolving and events keep you on your toes.

Here’s my top 10 predictions for the rest of Season 3:

1. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev)

Fans have been waiting for the Delena fantasies to play out in full digital glory since we met them. Even those that are fully supportive of the Elena/Stefan bond are secretly wishing for some naughty screen time with their favorite ‘say-it-isn’t-so’ couple. Not only do I predict they will give into their animal instincts, but I’m going to one-up that and say Stefan is going to be the one to catch them!

2. Stefan

When we left him, Stefan (Paul Wesley) was having himself a good ol’ time taunting his former friend and compeller, Klaus. The tables have turned and it’s anyone’s game, but it looks like Stefan has the wild card. Stefan’s new take charge attitude will do him well, it’s a nice change in fact. I predict he’s going to ruffle more than a few feathers in the coming episodes, but before season’s end, he’ll come back to the right side. Whether its his love for Elena, or his brother, or maybe both – or some other yet to be revealed game changer – his heart is definitely sugar coated.

3. Klaus

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has spent the last 1000 years living a lie. He’s kept everyone in his family hostage to a truth that he made up for them. Now that daddy is dead and the secret’s out, his world has taken a turn for the worst.  With a pissed off Stefan holding the cards, or more accurately, the coffins, Klaus is out of control and there’s no telling what he will do.  His obvious attachment to Rebekah leads me to believe that first priority is locating his beloved sister.  He’s subtly proven that he considers her more than just back-up.

4. Tyler

Tyler (Michael Trevino) has found himself in a unique position, either he will transition into a major player or be killed off. His character has been on the periphery since Season 1 and even though his role has undoubtably grown, the writers have still chosen to keep him off the major player list. With the Klaus revenge plot on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time before Tyler becomes his right hand man or gets shut down for good.  My prediction is that he’s on his way out.  A major character has yet to be killed off this season, and in my book, he’s the most likely candidate.

5. Caroline

Caroline (Candice Accola) has been kind of drab for the first half of the season. Her usually perky, in the mix, character has been too much appetizer, to little entree – frankly put, her story lines have been overshadowed. Now that her relationship with Tyler is done-zo, I predict she comes out fighting. When the inevitable moment comes that Tyler steps over the line – Caroline will be the one to take the dog out!

6. Matt

Poor Matt (Zack Roerig)! He’s had his heart broken, beaten, and stomped on since he came into our lives. Recently, with the reappearance of his dead vampire sister, who he had to send back to the other side, he’s been broken up and in need of some comfort. Since he’s been brought into the loop, and the side of good needs some extra help with Klaus’s wrath upon Mystic Falls, I predict a little hybrid hunter finding his way.

7. Rebekah

After an unfortunate stabbing, Rebekah (Claire Holt) missed her much anticipated homecoming festivities. Maybe that was for the best, since the plan did go sour, and daddy was taken out of the picture permanently.  Locked in the cellar of Salvatore manor, her fate is in the hand of..anyone with access. She may be the wild card that Klaus needs to even the playing field. My prediction is that she isn’t kept out of the game for much longer, and that she may surpise everyone. After all, Klaus did rip her mother’s heart out..

8. Alaric

Drunk and defeated, Alaric (Matt Davis) has been punishing himself all season. Yes, your girlfriend was killed in that awful sacrifice, and your wife turned vampire did burn in the sun, BUT, the Gilbert kids need you. His on-and-off relationship with Damon has been pretty bumpy lately, but did you see his face when Damon started hanging around the house during low-threat times?  Ouch!  If looks could kill. Anyway, with the looming Damon/Elena hook-up in the air, I’d say Alaric will take a strong father-like stance against that connection.

9. This season has been called the ‘Season of the Originals’ so when are we going to meet the rest of them? I’m eager to see which one Stefan wakes up first. Will it be Elijah (Daniel Gillies) or did he doubleyscrew himself when he betrayed them after the sacrifice? Yet, now that his family is safe and they already know him, he might make a good ally. I’m inclined to think that another female original might be the ideal choice, so that’s where my vote lies.

10. Bonnie and Jeremy

Bonnie (Kat Graham) feels used and her temper is not one to be messed with. Even though Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) doesn’t seem like he has a malicous bone in his body, keeping secrets from Bonnie only left him on the solo path.  She made a big risk bringing him back from the dead and paid a severe price.  Where does that leave her?  Wanting a little revenge of her own.  In a moment of anger I think she’s headed for some bad decisions.  It will take a walk on the evil side to help her make sense of everything.

What do you think of our predictions? Let us know in the comments.

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