Prepare For One Last Trip With Moody New Pics For Orphan Black’s Final Season

There are clones galore in the first wave of images for Orphan Black‘s fifth and final season, which surfaced online today via Deadline ahead of the show’s curtain call this June.

Four years on from the moment when viewers were first introduced to Tatiana Maslany’s haunted Sarah Manning and Orphan Black has not only become one of BBC America’s more successful homegrown scripted series, but it’s also amassed a devoted cult following – a cult following that affectionally refer to themselves as the Clone Club. Indeed, those who have been keeping pace with Sarah’s mind-bending journey since the show’s inception will be able to locate plenty of story clues littered throughout the gallery above, not to mention a handful of characters coming together in big, big ways.

Promising a dark “final trip,” Orphan Black season 5 will be comprised of 10 episodes in total, and though it’s impossible to tell for sure, there is a small chance that each photo is lifted from a different episode entirely. That’s merely conjecture, but one thing we do know for sure is that production on Orphan Black has officially wrapped for good.

Per Twitter:

A five-season arc was always the intention, according to co-creator Graeme Manson, who noted in a previous interview that all involved wanted to send Orphan Black off on a high note: “We always sort of had five seasons in mind, and the thing that we just didn’t want to do is get kind of soft around the middle. We really think that it’s cooler to cancel yourself than to get canceled, than to peter out.”

After four years and multiple Emmy wins, most of which were collected by Tatiana Maslany for her staggering, multi-faceted performance, Orphan Black is approaching its swan song. The fifth and final season will premiere on Saturday, June 10th at 10/9c via BBC America.