Pretty Little Liars Review: “Into The Deep” (Season 4, Episode 9)

Pretty Little Liars

We’re just barely began to see the residual effect of Mona’s abrupt confession to Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) murder. Sure, she has a lot of sins to atone for, but setting herself up as a murder suspect? I’m not sure if things karmically even themselves out quite like that.

Mona didn’t just do something really bad to the Liars and leave it at that. She tortured them for months under the auspices of being their dead best friend reincarnated. She ran Hannah over with a car. And, even after she was revealed as the original ‘A,’ she still contrived some pretty harsh plots against them while being locked away (er, partially locked up) in the nut house.

Mona is a smoking gun. She has more than enough information at her disposal to get the Liars in a lot of trouble, and she doesn’t have a history of playing well with others. When she finds herself backed into a corner, she always finds a way out – and she takes her revenge plans very seriously. This doesn’t seem like it will turn out any different.

She may have sprung Hannah’s (Ashley Benson) mom from the big house for the time being, but she still has the burden of proof hanging over her head. All the evidence still points at Ashley (Laura Leighton), and we already heard that there were some discrepancies with her confession. Is Mona brilliant enough to pull this one off and still get out of it herself?

When she walked into her old room at Radley, she had a look on her face that frankly, I think we should all be concerned about. In fact, she looked downright devious. What does she have up her sleeve for this (re)visit to her old stomping grounds? Will it be just as easy for her to manipulate the justice system this time around? And, who is she going to convince on the outside to give her a hand? Last time she fooled everyone and got away with it, let’s hope for Hannah and her mother’s sake that’s the case again.

Hannah’s mom is home, Aria (Lucy Hale) is on the verge of a new relationship, and Emily (Shay Mitchell) is back on the market (or at least, soon-to-be). We have three more episode before Pretty Little Liars takes a break. What are you most looking forward to before the hiatus? And, does anyone else have a funny feeling about Ted (Edward Kerr)? Let us know in the comment section below!

Until next episode.

Side note: I love how they are hiding the fact that the actress who plays Jenna, Tammin Sursok, is pregnant with the flowing tops! And, Jake (Ryan Guzman), please get a haircut – thank you.

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