Pretty Little Liars Review: “Pretty Isn’t The Point” (Season 5, Episode 20)



The writers aren’t quite ready to throw Mike (Cody Christian) back into the show’s periphery just yet. Instead, they gave fans a long awaited clue about Mona’s “murder,” thanks to a string of odd behavior from Mike. The Liars were ready to throw him to the wolves, more or less, after getting an ominous text from A following his exchange with Cyrus. But one thing that Pretty Little Liars does exceptionally well is misdirect. That’s not to say that Mike hasn’t been involved in anything fishy. Obviously he knows more about Mona’s disappearance than he’s let on, but not everything he does is conspiratorial – contrary to what Aria (Lucy Hale) imagines.

Arguably, the most help that Mike has been all season (possibly all series) is establishing once and for all – at least until the writers change their minds – that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) isn’t A. Going back to the idea that nothing in the episode was too shocking, fans had quite a few hints about this along the way. The evidence has been piling up all season and not that Ali is innocent by any means, but there’s still another diabolical mastermind running around Rosewood pulling the strings. Which if you think about it is quite astonishing – what are they teaching these kids in school in this quaint suburban town that seems to produce so many genius level, ridiculously resourceful psychopaths? Maybe it’s something in the water.

Either way, the Liars have been lucky enough to get some downtime from A since Ali has been behind bars. Unfortunately, it seems that they are about to run out of quiet moments. Mike’s admission on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars has just added good old fashioned guilt to the game, and it’s only a matter of time before A retaliates.

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