Promo And Clip From Next Week’s Episode Of The Walking Dead


After an absolutely insane midseason premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead that’s being hailed as one of the best episodes since the show’s inception, next week’s installment looks like it’ll be putting the breaks on somewhat. That doesn’t mean we can relax though, as nail-biting tension is part and parcel of this series.

The promo above reveals that Rick and Daryl split away from the group for a side mission (a supply run as confirmed in the sneak peek), but as usual, trouble is ran into on the road. Will it be more of Negan’s men, or perhaps a few of the scattered Wolves? There’s also a chance it’ll be some of the Hilltop Colony that we know are set to be introduced this season.

Elsewhere, it seems Michonne decides to go on a walkabout of her own and runs into Deanna’s only living son, Spencer. The lad doesn’t look to be in the best of sorts… not that you could blame him.

Finally, in a rare light moment, the clip below features the always brilliantly odd Eugene explaining the specific grain he’d like Daryl and Rick to bring back for the group.

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead is called “The Next World.” Tell us, will you be tuning in?

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