First Look Promo For Gotham Season 2, Episode 6: “By Fire”


Last night’s episode of Gotham introduced a female version of Firefly, a classic Batman villain who has already suited up years before Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl. The fact that the series is introducing so many characters like this before Batman appears has annoyed some, but Gotham does so far appear to be taking the character in an interesting direction. At least, if last night’s episode was anything to go by.

The promo above actually sheds some light on what’s to come for Firefly, and to be fair to the show, it’s easy to believe that she’s an early version of the villain who later becomes a thorn in the side of the Dark Knight. For now though, she’s obviously going to be Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock’s problem.

Here’s the official synopsis for this episode of Gotham, courtesy of Fox:

After Bridgit Pike (guest star Michelle Veintimilla) rejoins her brothers, a new spark of courage ignites within her, as she chooses to take control of her future. Meanwhile, Kringle and Nygma’s relationship will take a new step and Penguin and Galavan continue to battle for control of Gotham City’s underworld.

What do you think about Gotham‘s take on Firefly so far? Let us know your thoughts on both that and this new promo in the comments section below.