First Look Promo For Gotham Season 2, Episode 8: “Tonight’s The Night”


Following last night’s shocking episode of Gotham, a promo has been released teasing next week’s instalment, and it quickly becomes apparent that things between Jim Gordon and Barbara Keane are about to reach a head. Has he really been suckered in by his former flame, and more to the point, will either of them survive their next encounter? Either way, things certainly look set to take a violent turn!

Here’s the synopsis of the episode – titled “Tonight’s The Night” – courtesy of Fox:

Galavan sends Barbara after Jim Gordon, while he tries to make a business deal with Bruce Wayne. Barnes and Bullock are hot on Barbara’s trail, and Nygma has a run-in with a familiar face in the all-new “Rise of the Villains: Tonight’s the Night” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, November 9th on FOX.

How things play out between Jim and Barbara promises to be very interesting. At this point, the character seems completely beyond redemption, and while her actions could be blamed on mental illness, it’s more than a little difficult to imagine this being the woman the future Commissioner ends up marrying and having children (one of whom is Batgirl) with.

Gotham has always struggled to find a role for Barbara in the series, though there’s no denying the fact that she’s really been at her best in season two. As a result, her future has become one of the most compelling aspects of the series, and next week’s instalment of Gotham looks set to finally shed some light on what’s next for her…providing Jim doesn’t pull that trigger.