First Look Promo For iZombie Mid-Season Premiere


The CW has released the first promo video for the iZombie mid-season premiere, which can be viewed above. While the title of Season Two’s tenth episode has yet to be disclosed, we can extrapolate some details from the footage here.

It looks as though a fictitious television show called “Zombie High” will serve as the backdrop for this particular episode. Considering that Liv says “Last night I was watching ‘Zombie High’ and now I’m in it,” it stands to reason that she may be investigating the murder of a member of the cast or crew. Whether or not she lands some kind of role on the show remains to be seen. It also looks like we can expect Ravi to continue his vigilant search for those corpses with tainted Utopium on their person.

Since no official synopsis is available as of this time, we can look to two major developments that took place in last night’s mid-season finale, “Cape Town,” for some indicators of what to expect when the show returns. One will likely have long term effects, with the other having short term.

  • Liv and Major’s breakup: While these two did not start Season Two on the greatest of terms, they eventually resumed their romantic relationship. Both parties benefited: Liv helped Major deal with his Utopium addiction and Major helped Liv have a semblance of a normal life. Apparently, that was not going to last as Liv came to the realization that they can never be truly close due to her zombie affliction. This breakup could be long term as to intensify the show’s dramatic side and it opens up the opportunity to introduce new love interests for both characters. We cannot, however, rule out them having an “on again off again” dynamic, a la’ Clark Kent and Lana Lang on Smallville.
  • The end of Liv and Clive’s working relationship: After Clive became fed up with Liv getting too involved in police work, he opted to conclude their partnership. This seems to be much more short term than expected because we see them together in the promo video. Perhaps things between them will be a bit rocky, but there’s no way these two can be kept apart because their investigations are one of the show’s key components.

iZombie airs Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm EST on The CW, with new episodes returning on January 12.