The Punisher Season 2 Set Video/Pics Gives Us A Great Look At Billy Russo/Jigsaw


Say what you want about Marvel’s roster of Netflix shows and the connective tissue it shares with Infinity War and the wider MCU – or lack thereof – but there’s no question that the studio’s TV arm is firing on all cylinders at the moment.

Back in March, for instance, fans were treated to the second installment of Jessica Jones, which unfortunately failed to replace Kilgrave with a compelling and nuanced villain. Luke Cage will be hoping to avoid the same trap next month, when Harlem’s Hero for Hire will confront John McIver (AKA the Bushmaster) in order to appease the citizens of his city.

Daredevil and Iron Fist, meanwhile, are also poised for more solo adventures in the coming months, but beyond The Defenders, there’s another Marvel hero gearing up for his next small screen mission. His name? Frank Castle, better known to you, I and the people of Hell’s Kitchen as The Punisher.

Yes, the titular anti-hero is back in action and with season 2 now shooting, set photos and videos have begun to pour out onto the web. In fact, one of them recently teased the return of Frank’s nemesis Billy Russo and now, we’ve got a great look at the character thanks to the clip below as well as a few new pics, which see the two of them engaging in a gunfight.

What Billy will be getting up to when the show returns remains to be seen, but fans of the comics will know that he’s more commonly referred to as Jigsaw in the source material. Readers will remember that on the page, he was thrown through a window by Frank Castle. With his once handsome face torn to shreds, Russo rechristened himself Jigsaw and swore revenge on the Punisher.

Of course, something similar happened in the television adaptation as well – though it didn’t play out quite the same – and now, Billy will no doubt be looking to get even with Frank. Which is evident in the set video up above.

Thankfully, then, Jon Bernthal’s hardened mercenary hasn’t lost his edge since enacting vengeance on the Homeland agents responsible for the deaths of his wife and children. That leaves Castle in a pretty interesting spot, mentally speaking, as we approach season 2 of The Punisher, and as we start to learn more about what the plot entails, we’ll be sure to let you know.