Ravager Debuts In New Titans Episode 2×02 Photos


Just when I thought superhero TV couldn’t get as equal to or any cooler than what the Arrowverse has planned for the next year, Titans‘ second season premiere effortlessly knocked off my socks. Long story short, the threat that was Trigon is now in the rear-view mirror and Deathstroke has emerged to take his place as the big bad. Oh yeah, Bruce Wayne is hanging around, too, and you can’t argue with that.

As the show moves forward, all we can do is sit back and enjoy as the producers behind it further open a treasure trove loaded with beloved DC characters. Next on the docket is that of cult favorite Rose Wilson, perhaps better known as Ravager. Played by Chelsea Zhang, she looks to be fittingly cast as the daughter of the aforementioned Deathstroke.

Speaking of which, she finally arrives on the scene in a bounty of images taken from this week’s episode, the aptly titled “Rose.” Seen in the gallery below, the samplings we’re provided hint that it’s Dick Grayson who’ll offer her an olive branch. Additionally, Raven, Jason Todd, Donna Troy and Starfire can be found in the slideshow as well.

It’s also interesting to learn that we’ll bear witness to a three-week time jump when it’s time to rejoin our heroes for said episode. And though they weren’t included in the promotional pics, rest assured that Hawk and Dove will likewise put in an appearance.

For that information and more, it’s advised that you look over the official synopsis below:

Three months after their encounter with Trigon, Dick is hard at work training Rachel, Gar & Jason in Titans Tower.   Meanwhile, the rest of our heroes attempt the next phase of their lives.  Hank and Dawn retreating to Wyoming, while Donna and Kory are on the move, tracking down a rogue meta-human.  However, this new normal is soon disrupted by old threats from the past and the emergence of a mysterious young runaway.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.