‘Reacher’ star reveals the inspiration behind season 2

Reacher star Alan Ritchson reveals that season 2 will be based on Lee Child’s novel Bad Luck and Trouble.

The actor shared an image of himself on Instagram holding up the aforementioned Jack Reacher novel. He referenced a previous post he made for fans to decipher, and joked that it was hard enough that even Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin), Margrave’s Chief of Police in season 1, would’ve had a hard time deciphering it.

Bad Luck and Trouble involves a woman from his former military unit who uses a signal to alert the eight members of their elite team of the murder of a man they served with. It’s a story about revenge where Reacher has to rejoin the team to discover who’s targeting them before more lives are lost.

Ritchson also posted a quote from the book where he references a character named O’Donnell using ceramic knuckles. The character in question is a character named is Captain David O’Donnell, who appears in the Jack Reacher series of novels and short stories. He was chosen by Reacher to join him in his Special Investigations Unit in the United States Army, and he’s known for carrying a ceramic switchblade and knuckledusters which are stronger than steel. Based on this, it’s likely O’Donnell will appear in season 2.

Although Reacher is a notable lone wolf, he’s not averse to teamwork when the situation calls for it. In season 1, he works with Finlay and officer Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) to solve a murder that Reacher’s been framed for, and warms up to his partners as their investigation proceeds.

As things get hairier, Reacher even reaches back into his past and contacts Frances Neagley who worked with him in the Army as an MP and is now a private investigator. She’s close to Reacher and she’s a loyal ally who cares about his personal life just as much as their case. It’s possible that she might even show up in season 2.

Reacher was a major success for Prime Video, nabbing the top spot on Nielsen’s streaming service content rankings the week it premiered, which was the streaming service’s first time. An announcement of season 2 was confirmed shortly thereafter, and filming for season 2 will commence in the Fall.

Reacher season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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