Get Ready For Netflix’s Season 4 Finale Of The Killing With A Recap Of Seasons 1-3


Get ready to return to perpetually rainy Seattle, as AMC’s increasingly ironically named The Killing is returning from the dead once again for a six episode final season this August, thanks to Netflix. For the many of you who never paid attention to the dour police drama, the streaming service just released a trailer reminding subscribers that they can stream the first three seasons right now.

The video, which recaps seasons one through three, doesn’t completely fill in the blanks for newcomers, but it does provide a helpful refresher for fans, considering that it’s been a little while since the third season aired.

Check it out below:

The Killing kicked off its first season on AMC with the murder of a young girl and detailed the attempts of Seattle Detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) to catch her killer. However, when the first season finale failed to close the case, many viewers jeered and abandoned the show. Though the second season did uncover the girl’s killer, the disappointing end to season one alienated many fans, and The Killing was cancelled by AMC soon after. However, showrunner Veena Sud entered talks with AMC the next year and succeeded in getting The Killing resucitated for a faster-paced, self-contained third season. Still, the ratings didn’t improve, and AMC swung the cancellation ax for a second time. That’s when Netflix stepped in, picking The Killing up for a six-episode finale.

This time around, the episode count is only six, but the episodes themselves will run 55-59 minutes each. Additionally, the show being on Netflix means that Holder finally gets to drop the F-bomb (a fact about which Kinnaman was apparently ecstatic). Veena Sud recently told TV Guide a little about season four, saying:

Season 4 of the investigation takes place in a wealthy part of Seattle, so we’re changing up the world of the victims. We were in a working class family Seasons 1 and 2. We were on the streets in Season 3, and now, we’re in the echelon of power and wealth in Seattle. There is a mass murder and the detectives are fish-out-of-water kind of navigating their way through the world of Seattle’s rich. There is a link to a boy’s military academy that’s basically a holding cell for rich, wayward boys. The head of this all-boys military academy is played by the fabulous Joan Allen and we get to see two very strong, fierce women – Joan Allen and Mireille Enos – go head-to-head.

The fourth and final season of The Killing premieres on Netflix on August 1st.