Could Red Hood Be Coming To The Live Action Titans?


Among many things, one reason DC fans have to look forward to the upcoming live action Titans series is that it’ll feature the first iteration of Dick Grayson to have appeared outside of comics or animation for quite some time. Granted, he may still be operating under the guise of Robin as opposed to Nightwing, but it’s still cause for celebration.

That said, you don’t need us to tell you how anyone to have taken up the Robin mantle has a rabid following to call their own, and it’s downright criminal that anyone other than Dick has yet to find their way to screens big or small.

Now, if the latest rumor to come down winds up panning out, we could very well end up seeing none other than Jason Todd appearing on the highly anticipated series. If that name sounds familiar to you, it should, because the second Robin went on to become the cult favorite anti-hero known as the Red Hood.

Normally, we advise you to take cases such as this with a grain of salt, but do keep in mind this comes to us by way of Titans TV – an offshoot of Kryptonsite, who are known to be highly reliable – even if they’re saying the information is unconfirmed at this point.

Below are the supposed titles for episodes 1-7, the seventh of which is sure to get some attention:

#1.1 “Titans” (Pilot)
#1.2 “Hawk and Dove”
#1.3 “Starfire”
#1.4 “Rachel”
#1.5 “The Doom Patrol”
#1.6 “The Messenger”
#1.7 “Jason Todd”

So, even if this does hold up, one has to wonder what kind of role Jason will play. If Dick is still Robin, then that means Jason probably hasn’t even met Batman yet, but you never know if something will be interpreted differently in adaptations. Perhaps this could serve as a catalyst for Dick becoming Nightwing, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Regardless, we reiterate how huge this would be because Jason Todd has yet to appear in live action, with even animated appearances being an extreme rarity. Keep in mind that the Doom Patrol have already been confirmed to show up on Titans, so the information could very well be legit. If so, a good number of Red Hood devotees now have motivation for tuning in.