[Updated] The Reign Of Negan Continues In Leaked TV Spot For The Walking Dead Season 7


Update: AMC has now rolled out an official, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it promo for The Walking Dead season 7. Have a gander at it above.

Original Story: Though his spell in The Walking Dead has been relatively brief so far, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s sly and marauding psychopath Negan has been at the epicentre of heated debate and online speculation following the landmark season 6 finale.

Indeed, one brave glance at your go-to forum for all things TWD will no doubt reveal countless theories submitted by fans eager to decipher all the potential clues leading up to that heart-wrenching moment when the screen cut to black earlier this year. Rest assured, it won’t be too long before those answers are revealed, with The Walking Dead season 7 earmarked for a premiere in late October. But if you’re holding out hope for any respite, think again.

Teasing that hotly-anticipated return today is a leaked TV spot. It doesn’t hail from the official AMC channels, so watch it before it’s pulled. And yes, sadly it’s potato quality.

But persist with that low quality and you’ll see Morgan’s baseball bat-wielding nemesis terrorize the camp, before delivering a chilling line to what we assume is one of our hapless survivors: “I am everywhere.” With Lucille at hand and the army of Saviors at his disposal, Negan will be a difficult villain to overcome – arguably the most oppressive and sadistic that Rick Grimes and Co. have ever faced, even more so than the Governor – and we can hardly wait to see that encounter play out throughout the course of the upcoming season.

The Walking Dead makes its return via AMC on October 23. Will you be tuning in?

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