Relive The Doctor Who Season 12 Trailer With New Screenshots

Doctor Who

On Doctor Who Day yesterday, the BBC finally dropped the first trailer for season 12 of the sci-fi institution, and it went down a treat with fans. The minute-long promo seemed to promise that the second run of the Thirteenth Doctor’s era will be even more fun, ambitious and dramatic than the last. There’s a lot packed into it, from glimpses of monsters new and old to guest stars and fresh locations. Luckily for you though, we’ve got some screenshots that allow us to relive the trailer and analyze what it teased.

On the monsters side of things, the preview briefly featured a helmeted Judoon, the Rhino-headed space police who’ve previously been confirmed to appear. The Cybermen were also unveiled, with the metal men seemingly sporting a new redesign.

As for new threats, there was a glimpse at some sort of arachnid-like creature that fans think could be a Racnoss (see 2006’s “The Runaway Bride”) but is more likely the same species as those giant scorpions seen in other shots.

Coming shortly after the announcement of their involvement, the teaser also sees Stephen Fry and Sir Lenny Henry in action, with the two British comedians due to star in the epic two-part season opener. Goran Visnjic can also be glimpsed in the trailer. Though the E.R. actor’s role has yet to be confirmed, it’s a good bet that he’s portraying Nikola Tesla, based on the period setting and his appearance.

As for the drama, a solemn Time Lord sits in her TARDIS in one shot and warns her friends that “something is coming” for her. And in another voiceover clip, a scared Graham asks “What have you done, Doc?” So, it seems the Doctor will make some kind of costly mistake at some point in the run. This ties into what Jodie Whittaker has said about season 12 of Doctor Who exploring more sides to her version of the character, too.